Saint Iris

Masking Brush

$20.02 $28.60
A cruelty-free brush suitable for mask and makeup applications.
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Firm yet soft, the vegan bristles on this masking brush are gathered in a rose gold finish ferrule and lacquered wooden handle designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The shorter bristles work to ensure a more precise, controlled application of masks and makeup.

Created for time-stressed people with a passion for skin wellness, Saint Iris is inspired by the abundant plants, remedies, and sea spas of the sun-drenched Adriatic.

Load Purity Paste onto the brush, then sweep over targeted areas with long, even strokes. Layer to reach ideal coverage - around 2-3 millimetres. Use this brush for all types of masks, too.

Feel the fjaka: Take a ‘me’ moment. Dab and press Purity Paste and inhale its earthy, invigorating scent. Pure sensory bliss…

How to clean: After each use, swish in luke-warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Squeeze gently and leave to dry flat before returning to pouch.

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