BIPOC-Owned Gifts to Give


Hydrating Body Cream Best Seller


Strange Bird

SB Singing Bowl Best Seller


Relevant: Your Skin Seen

Discovery Kit Best Seller


Bossy Cosmetics

Style Meets Substance Eyeshadow Palette Best Seller



Hydrating Hair Mask Best Seller


Prados Beauty

Sagrado Eyeshadow Palette


Brown Girl Jane

Warm Cashmere Perfumed Candle



Cacao Body Butter


Bomba Curls

Bomba Beauty Bites



Luxe Lip Balm



Buttah Vibe Brush Best Seller


Holy Curls

The Discovery Kit


Guaia Madre

Eugenia's Rosehip Oil


Epara Skincare

Brightening Night Balm


Candy x Paints

Dee Dee Red Nail Lacquer


Brown Girl Jane

Velvet Moon Perfumed Candle


Bossy Cosmetics

Beauty Meets Drive Palette


Charlotte Mensah

Yaa Awakening Candle



KNC Beauty

The Big Set Face Mask Set