Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross

Microfiber Towel

A hair-hugging towel that absorbs water post-shower without damaging hair.
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Big in size and gentle on the hair, this soft Microfiber Towel hugs your curls in chicness and absorbs excess water post-shower. Made of premium microfiber material, the towel helps to dry hair without heat and won't disrupt the curl pattern styling magic you did on wash day.

Pattern Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross is here with a breadth of natural beauty and haircare products to fulfill, embrace, and celebrate the needs of the curly, coily, tight, and textured hair community.

After conditioning and applying styling products to wet curls, gently squish hair in towel (limit rubbing and friction) to draw out excess water. For hands-free hair drying, wrap towel in a gentle drape around hair tucking the towel ends at hairline.

80% Polyester, 20% Nylon

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