Beauty Vitamin for Hair Skin & Nails Bottle

A beauty vitamin with biotin and choline to help improve hair, skin, and nails.
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A balanced selection of certified non-GMO and gluten-free organic ingredients like hemp seed, turmeric, aloe, and peppermint leaf make up this nutrient-rich beauty supplement. This high absorption vitamin works to improve hair volume, shine, and growth; strengthen nails and stimulate nail growth; and boost skin hydration, smoothness, and appearance.

Movita Organics helps to create and deliver high-quality non-GMO vitamin supplements designed to support a healthy lifestyle journey for women.

Take 1 tablet a day on an empty stomach or with food.

Proprietary Blend*+ 413mg - Amla Powder+, Hemp Seed Protein+, Turmeric +, Aloe+, Peppermint Leaf+, Coriander Seed+, Artichoke Leaf+, Schizandra Berry+, Maca Root+, Rosemary Leaf+, Blueberry+, Blackberry+, Broccoli+, Prune+, Rosehip Seed+, Lavender+, Green Tea. Other Ingredients: Gum Arabic+, Brown Rice Concentrate+, Coating+(Maltodextrin+, Sunflower Lecithin+, Palm Oil+, Guar Gum+). *Fermented Ingredient (Fermentation media: Gum Arabic+, Maltodextrin+, Active Yeast+, Orange Peel Powder+, Carrot Powder+, Alfalfa Powder+, Nutritional Yeast+, Soy Flour+, Papain, Bromelain, Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. rhammnosus, Bifidobacterium bifidum)

Ingredients marked ""+"" are Certified Organic

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