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Leland Francis

James EDP

A gender-neutral fragrance with notes of melon, peach, rose petals, and heliotrope.
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This fragrance is inspired by a stroll through the garden of Versailles and sitting bank side with fresh peaches and melon. Notes of delicate melon and ripened peach add fruity sweetness to an accord of sheer rose petals, softened by the sweetness of creamy heliotrope and violet in this gender-neutral fragrance. Created in small batches, this eau de parfum contains plant-based natural ingredients and is blended with organic sugar cane alcohol.

Makeup artist developed skincare and candles. Luxury, non-toxic, and vegan beauty.

We use plant-based natural ingredients, which means our scents are sheer and light. To increase the wear of your fragrance we recommend applying fragrance over moisturized skin, we suggest body serum and then applying the fragrance on pulse points (sides of neck and chest) periodically throughout the day. Create your own scent by layering with other fragrances.

Organic Sugarcane Alcohol, 2-Phenylethanol Natural, Geraniol Natural (Palmarosa), Beta-Citronellol Natural, Pelagronium Graveolens Oil (geranium), Piperonal Natural, Benzyl Acetate Natural, Undecan-4-Olide Natural, Ionone Beta Natural, Phenylacetic Acid Natural, Alpha-Methylbenzyl Acetate Natural, Alph-Ionone Natural, Phenylacetic Acid Natural, Beta-Caryophyllene, Juniperus Virginiana Wood Oil (Cedarwood), Hexyl Acetate Natural, Cis-3-Hexen-1-Yl Acetate, D-Limonene, 2 6-Dimethyl-5-Heptenal Natural, Alpha-Terpineol Natural, Citral Natural, Allyl Caproate Natural, Cis-3-Hexenol Natural, Aqua

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