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Good Light

Luna Pimple Patches

Fast-acting, non-drying vegan hydrocolloid patches.
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Fast-acting and non-drying, these vegan hydrocolloid patches are clinically proven to absorb all pimple fluids and shrink your blemishes in hours, leaving behind clear, smooth skin. These patches are ideal for all skin types and are attached to rippable PET plastic, the most recycled plastic worldwide.

Good light is a personal care brand that believes in highly efficacious, gentle products that encompass beauty beyond the binary.

Begin by ripping the sheet, then lift the patch. Place patch on clean skin for six hrs or overnight.

24 Vegan Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches

"Touting clear and refreshed skin in just five hours, the brand’s patches might be some of the fastest-acting on the market."


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