Dehiya Beauty

Mihakka Trio

An exfoliating tool trio handcrafted for the face and body.
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Three exfoliating tools, housed in a custom box, that make the perfect addition to your face and body skincare rituals. Each mihakka is handcrafted of terra-cotta, covered in organic cotton, and dyed with natural pigments extracted from flowers and clay indigenous to the Atlas Mountains.

A plant-based, vegan botanical skincare line inspired by ancient beauty rituals.

  • Wet the flat surface of the Mihakka then apply cleanser of your choice.
  • Holding the tool flat against the face, cleanse in circular motions, applying light pressure for the desired exfoliation.
  • After use, your Mihakka should be rinsed thoroughly and laid on its side to dry (flat surface facing upwards).

“The Dehiya Beauty Mihakka tool is the first face cleansing device I’ve ever loved.”


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