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Chill Tips are salon-quality nail art that you can do at home with no mess, no wait time, and no smudges.
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Made with high-quality materials, Chill Tips are fully-customizable nail art applied with gentle, non-damaging glue that gives you the look and feel of a classic gel manicure.

The kit includes:

  • 24 nails to find your perfect fit
  • Dual-sided buffer and file
  • Cuticle stick
  • Gentle glue

A nod to one of our favorite eras with a color palette that suits any occasion. Made with high-quality materials that are comfortable and customizable to your nails, Chillhouse press-ons bring salon-level nail art to the convenience of your home.


Begin with bare, natural nails. Treat nails with buffer to increase wear time and press cuticles back to desired shape prior to working with Chill Tips press-on nails.

1. Select desired press-on nail for each finger, ensuring the shape and size align with natural nail. Use file, buffer, and cuticle stick to prep if necessary.

2. Apply a light layer of gentle glue to back of the Chill Tip.

3. Apply a generous amount of gentle nail glue to your natural nail (don’t worry it’s non-damaging!).

4. Wait 3 seconds for glue to activate.

5. Press and hold Chill Tip to natural nail for at least 30 seconds, ensuring equal pressure is applied to entire nail.

6. Perfect shape and feel using nail tools.

Apply enough glue to avoid air pockets for best results. Generous amounts of glue will firmly secure Chill Tip and extend wear time. Use cloth, cotton round, or nail brush to remove excess glue if needed.


For our Tips to be 100% reusable we recommend letting them fall off naturally. However, if you’re in a pinch and do not want to reuse your Tips follow the below:

1. Soak hands in warm water with soap to loosen the glue and soften the cuticle.

2. Prep your skin and nails with some kind of oil to loosen the glue from around the edges. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil work great!

3. Once you begin to feel the glue soften, use the little wooden tool provided to get leverage between the nail and the tip and pop the tip off.

4. Wash hands to clear nails of any leftover glue residue and decide which Chill Tips your applying next.


NAIL GLUE INGREDIENTS: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, BHA

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