Cheekbone Beauty

Pencil Sharpener

A dual sharpener designed to provide a precise, centered tip for a multitude of pencils including eye, lip, and concealer.
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Crafted with high-grade German stainless-steel blades, this pencil sharpener works across a range of eye, lip, and concealer products. A tightly fitting removable lid eliminates mess and shavings, and a removable plastic pick tucked neatly into the body helps for easy cleaning and precision sharpening.

Indigenous-owned and founded, Cheekbone Beauty creates high-quality, cruelty-free beauty products that are designed for low environmental impact and maximum wearability.

Use with pencils of various sizes to keep your pencils gliding smoothly and easy to use! Remove the sharpener lid to empty out pencil shavings. Use the removable plastic pick to dislodge any pieces that may get stuck.

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