Beauty Done Right

Rose Gold Sculpting Massager

A facial massage tool that vibrates to lift, sculpt, and provide lymphatic drainage.
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Enjoy a therapeutic treatment with this facial massage tool. Utilizing thousands of vibrations per second, this tool is made to move upward on the face to lift and sculpt while aiding in the removal of toxins and excess fluids.

With an emphasis on feeling good, Beauty Done Right is founded on the notion that true beauty is a state of mind that includes all skin types and tones.

Always remember that when we want to lift + sculpt to use upward movements with medium pressure. Redness is a good indicator that blood flow is in motion. Adjust your pressure according to what feels good.

Draining excess fluids requires a light pressure with downward motion.

Drink lots of water before + after completing any type of massage or draining technique, this aides with the excretion of stagnant lymph and toxins.

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