Barefoot Scientist

The Gratest Professional Micro-Grated XL Rasp

A professional-quality rasp for filing away calluses and removing built-up skin.

File away tough skin and calluses with this professional grade stainless steel rasp designed with more than 200 safety-crafted micro grates that leave feet feeling soft and smooth. cCrafted with an extra-large filing surface and soft-touch handle you can comfortably grip with ease. cAllows for targeted filing of cracked heels and general quick removal of built-up skin, ultimately offering pedicure quality softness at home.

Backed by science and built by experts, Barefoot Scientist is a premium foot care brand that uses advanced science and carefully selected ingredients.

Gently file back and forth across dry areas to smooth away calluses and rough skin. Grater is sink-washable. For more significant exfoliation, first soften calluses by soaking in warm water for 10 minutes. Treat newly shaved skin with hydrating lotion afterward.

"Ideal for sloughing away all of your hard calluses."