Ami Colé

The Concealer Brush

An angled concealer brush made with advanced vegan fiber technology for easy application under the eyes, around the nose, and other hard-to-reach areas on the face.
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Inspired by the delicate and precise touch of your fingertips, this concealer brush was designed using vegan and cruelty-free synthetic fibers and allows for stability and control during application. An angled brush head provides seamless blending and coverage under the eyes, around the nose, and on other areas of the face. A reusable mesh brush head cover that comes with this concealer brush helps to maintain the shape.

Ami Colé is a clean beauty brand made to reveal your inner excellence, especially when it comes to melanin-rich skin.

After applying concealer, use a gentle sweeping motion to blend the product into the skin and soften harsh edges. To intensify coverage in a particular area, use a tapping motion.

PBT (synthetic) fibers, aluminum, and certified birch wood. Compostable mesh headcover and polybag.

MEASUREMENTS - Height of Brush Head/Bristles: 25mm. Diameter of Brush Head: 12mm.

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