14th Night

The Natural Surf Spray

A surf spray that contains salt water, hydrating aloe, and argan oils to help create effortless, soft beach waves in your hair.
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Texturizing salt water, hydrating aloe, antioxidant-rich red algae, and amethyst crystal all come together in this surf spray. Designed to be used on wet or dry hair, this surf spray works to create beach waves in your hair that are effortless and soft.

14th night features ultra-effective, clean, and natural haircare using ancient Persian traditions. The result is incredibly luxurious, nourishing, and beautifying with notable reparative benefits that make hair shinier, healthier and stronger over time.

Can be used on wet or dry hair.

On wet hair - Simply comb hair and spritz the Natural Surf Spray all over, twisting sections away from face, letting it air dry to the most perfect, hydrated, tousled beach hair.

On dry hair - Spritz it all over and toussle hair with fingers to add shine, texture, and fragrance.

The unique formulation includes:

  • Amethyst Crystal - Revitalizing, regenerating, and protecting; This silica-rich crystal strengthens hair and helps prevent thinning by delivering essential nutrients directly to hair follicles.

  • Aloe - A natural conditioner that makes hair smooth and shiny while promoting scalp health.

  • Red Algae - An amazing antioxidant, with its natural ability to neutralize free radicals, it protects hair from environmental harm and breakage. The addition of Red Algae to the Natural Surf Spray not only contributes to the beautiful pink color, but offers beautifying hair benefits including shine, hydration and volume.

  • Pomegranate Oil - A Persian beauty secret – This super nutrient-dense oil is abundant in antioxidants and vitamin C. Moreover, due to its unique molecular structure, pomegranate seed oil is able to deeply penetrate hair and deliver intense hydration.

  • Argan Oil - Instantly makes hair softer and more manageable by hydrating and softening hair.

  • Sweet Almond Oil - A beauty powerhouse, rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and Vitamin B-7 (commonly known as Biotin). This nourishing oil is highly-emollient and makes hair less frizzy and more manageable.

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