Barefoot Scientist

Filed Away 3-Way Buffer Block & Nanoglass File

A natural, professional-quality buffer and nanoglass nail file.
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For a natural, professional quality manicure, our nanoglass nail file and three-sided buffer set is a premium at home solution to shape, buff and shine your nails for optimal nail health. The nanoglass nail file is laser-etched with thousands of micrograins that enable precise shaping while preventing breakage by helping to compress and smooth the keratin layers of the nail.

Backed by science and built by experts, Barefoot Scientist is a premium foot care brand that uses advanced science and carefully selected ingredients.

Gently move the nanoglass nail file in one direction across the top and edges of each toenail to file nails down to the desired length and shape. Then use the buffer in the order of the the steps indicated on the block to leave the nail smooth with a beautiful shine. Clean buffer and file with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab after each use.

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