Prados Beauty

Reusable Hygiene & Facial Kit

A reusable hygiene and facial kit that contains items needed to use during a complete facial.
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This facial kit helps to keep your face clean and cared for. Inside, there’s two wrist bands to prevent water from dripping down your arms, two puffy face pads for skincare, one soft facial towel for makeup removal, and one wash bag.

Prados Beauty is an inclusive and uplifting beauty brand that inspires people through the lens of Indigenous communities.

  1. Apply a gentle cleanser, makeup remover or toner to your face.
  2. Use the puffy face pads to apply or wipe away the cleanser from your face.
  3. Rinse your face with warm water.
  4. Use the facial towel to dry your face.
  5. Apply your favorite moisturizer.
  6. Place the soiled contents in your wash bag and drop in your washer and dryer


  • 2 wrist bands to keep water from dripping down your arms
  • 2 puffy face pads for skin care
  • 1 super soft facial towel for makeup removing
  • 1 wash bag
  • Made of recyclable materials
  • Reusable


  • Wrist bands keep your hands dry while you're washing your face
  • Puffy face pads are gentle on all skin types
  • Facial towel is super soft and absorbent
  • Wash bag is perfect for storing all of your facial supplies
  • Reusable, so you can save money and help the environment

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