Yours Skincare

Patch It Up! Zit Patches

A set of acne patches with niacinamide and hydrocolloids that help to extract impurities and speed up healing.
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These acne patches feature plant-based, medical-grade hydrocolloid — a natural fluid-absorbing gel — that takes in the impurities and moisture from zits. The niacinamide in these zit patches helps with healing by speeding up the process and creating a moisture barrier to keep the infected area protected.

Yours Skincare is a clean beauty brand that puts self-care at the forefront so your skin has exactly what it needs every time.

  1. Prior to application, cleanse and dry skin.
  2. Peel patch off sheet and apply adhesive side down to the affected area.
  3. Press gently and allow patch to remain in place throughout the day or night for optimal results.

Key Ingredients : Hydrocolloid, Niacinamide

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