Senteurs D'Orient

Flower Gaze Gift Box

An assortment of handmade aromatherapy soaps and bath salts inspired by nature.
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Drawing from the art of flower gazing—a type of meditation that uses the sensorial power of flowers to soothe, uplift, and bring happiness to your daily routine—this gift box provides the perfect way to start or end the day. Enjoy the handcrafted Jasmine of Arabia bar soap; three mini soaps in scents of orange blossom, velvety gardenia, and sensual tuberose; and a Jasmine of Arabia bath salt pouch infused with pure essential oils.

Handcrafted, luxurious, fine, and fragrant bath and body products inspired by bathing rituals.

Each pure vegetal soap mixes shea butter, glycerin, vegetal oils and pure essential oils, is handcrafted by local artisans and dried for 10 days. Our bath salt pouch is delicately infused with pure essential oils and hand grilled by artisans in our Beirut soap atelier.

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