Gently Soap


A rose-infused cocoa butter bar soap for sensitive skin
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Breathe has a rich cocoa butter base and a natural pink tone that comes from French rose clay. Infused with rose petals and chamomile, it provides a luxurious, warm bathing experience that is certain to leave your skin calm and moisturized.

Kristen Dunning is, among many things, an eczema warrior, a plant and herb science lover, a 22-year-old graduate student at The University of Georgia, and the Founder of Gently Soap - an award-winning line of herbal soaps that aim to bring the joy of bathing to those with extra sensitive skin types.

Saponified oils of sunflower*, coconut*, and castor*; cocoa butter*; French pink clay; chamomile powder; rose petals; rosemary extract

*organic ^fair trade

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