Four Truffles

Canyon Sanctuary Candle

The perfect candle to restore calm with its crisp, green scent.
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This Canyon Sanctuary candle has a crisp, green scent with notes of grass, rose, and rainwater. Perfect for living rooms and kitchens.

Net weight: 10oz/280G Burn time: Approximately 40 hours

  • Wellness Molecules : lavender, eucalyptus, ho wood, frankincense
  • Top Notes : green grass, cucumber, spearmint
  • Mid Notes : hyacinth, rose, fig, orange flower
  • Base Notes : pine, rainwater

Ana Soriano's mission is to honor the resilience of the women who raised and guided her, through purpose-driven products that give hope and opportunities to others. Inspired by both the hard work and sacrifice of the women in her life, and her four ""truffles"", faith, hope, love and spirituality, that give her strength and clarity, Ana aims to impart a sense of home and wellbeing through each product that she creates, while positively impacting the surroundings and lives of those who experience them.

  • During initial use, we highly recommend leaving candle burning for 2-3 hours until all the wax has become liquid on the entire surface. This will allow the candle to burn evenly and prevent tunneling.
  • Cut/Trim wood wick regularly, preferably before each use, removing all charred wood from previous burns. To trim wooden wick, remove all charred wood (we suggest a wick trimmer)
  • Burn candle within sight and attended.
  • Never burn a candle on or near flammable materials or areas
  • Always keep out of children’s and pets’ reach.
  • Candle vessel is hot when lit, please do not touch unless it has cooled down.
  • Do not burn candle all the way down. Discontinue burning candle when wax is approximately ½ inch down from the bottom of the glass.

Recommended: Place a coaster on a flat stable surface where you intend to light your candle. The coaster should be heat-resistant like ceramic or glass to withstand heat.

Key Ingredients:

  • SPEARMINT : Uplifting & energizing effects, promoting mental clarity, focus, & a sense of revitalization.
  • FIG : Warm, sweet, and earthy. This grounds & connects you to nature.
  • HYACINTH : Has mood-enhancing properties, promotes a sense of happiness, serenity, & optimism.
  • ROSE : Create a sense of love, beauty, & harmony. Whilst bringing a touch of romance.
  • PINE : Brings a sense of clarity, revitalization, & connection with nature.


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