Beauty Done Right

Ice Dice

A set of four dice that can be used hot or cold to calm inflammation and increase blood circulation.
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Address a variety of skin concerns with this set of four dice designed for the face. Use in chill mode to help eliminate puffiness—especially around the eyes—while easing acne, reducing signs of aging, and boosting the skin’s healthy glow. Submerge dice in warm water to use in relax mode to help increase blood flow, ease muscle stress and tension, and promote soothing relief.

With an emphasis on feeling good, Beauty Done Right is founded on the notion that true beauty is a state of mind that includes all skin types and tones.

Chill Mode: Place the ice dice in the fridge or freezer for as little as 10 minutes to achieve a chill effect. Can be used with or without facial oil. May be used as a part of a massage or as a spot treatment for acne breakouts. Ice Dice in “chill” mode help acne products penetrate more efficiently and should be used before applying acne serums and creams.

Warm/Relaxing Mode: Submerge the ice dice into warm water for 20-30 seconds or when the desired heat level has been reached. It is not advised to heat the dice in scalding water. Before applying to the skin, test the temperature on the back of your hand to prevent burning. Warm Ice Dice help to relax the skin and prepare it for deep cleansing, extractions, or ending your facial routine with a nice relaxing massage.

Care: Clean with warm soapy water and a soft polishing cloth. Do not use harsh scrubbing methods as this product is non-porous and only requires surface cleansing. Storing in the fridge or freezer indefinitely will not damage or decrease the effectiveness of your Ice Dice. These ice dice are indestructible!

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