Cryo Toning Tools

A set of two stainless steel facial tools that combine the benefits of cryotherapy and lymphatic drainage to contour, lift, and detoxify skin for a sculpted, firmer, more radiant appearance.
Color Silver
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Made from ergonomically designed stainless steel, this set of toning facial tools provide a professional at-home or on-the-go cryo experience. Lift, sculpt, and tone as you use these facial tools across your face, while also helping to tighten pores, reduce discoloration and puffiness, detoxify and flush the lymphatic system, and increase blood flow.

BEAUTOLOGY LAB is a science-backed, nature-driven, multitasking skincare line that stimulates autophagy—the body’s natural detoxification process—in order to repair, regenerate, and reboot skin.

Cleanse face and apply your routine serums, balms, oils and eye cream. Remove Cryo Toning Tools from the refrigerator or freezer (allow to sit 5 minutes out of freezer before use). Using gentle pressure, massage starting at the center of the face sweeping tools outwards towards the lymphatic drainage points near your ears and downwards towards your chin and clavicles. Repeat the motion on both sides along the contours of the chin, jaw, cheeks, eyebrows, forehead, and neck areas for 5-10 minutes. Tools can be used anytime of day and as often as needed to achieve a vibrant, snatched appearance. To clean, wash tools with gentle soap and water and towel dry after each use.

Stainless Steel

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