Barefoot Scientist

Smooth Things Over Foot File

A stainless steel pedicure foot file for optimal exfoliation.
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This is an effective, easy-to-use stainless steel file for soft and smooth feet. This scrubber removes calluses, dry skin and rough patches on feet while also smoothing skin. Use it as part of your daily pedicure and foot care routine.

Backed by science and built by experts, Barefoot Scientist is a premium foot care brand that uses advanced science and carefully selected ingredients.

Use on damp feet after a shower or bath. Move back and forth or in a circular motion across skin to exfoliate. Start by targeting calluses and hardened skin with the grittier side, and then buff dry, rough patches of skin with the smoothing side of file. After each use, rinse file with warm water and allow to air dry. Store in a dry place.

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