By Caroline Weller 


We have to give credit where credit is due: Gen Z is on top of their skincare game. If you’re an avid TikTok user, it’s likely you’ve come across the oddly intriguing beauty trend known as “slugging.” In fact, slugging videos have been viewed on TikTok over 309 million times and counting. This viral trend has been dominated by Gen Z creators who are sharing their slugging routines as ways to achieve a radiant, natural glow without strenuous amounts of effort.

Slugging is, indeed, quite simple. In order to “slug,” one does their usual nighttime skincare routine and then applies a layer of a petrolatum-based moisturizer, like Aquaphor or Vaseline, on top of their regular hydrating products. The thickness of the petrolatum-based moisturizer locks in the moisture of the first layer of product on the skin. Therefore, the moisturizing effect of these products is greatly enhanced, amplifying their hydrating effect for the following morning.

However, when slugging, it is crucial use a strong cleanser the next morning to ensure that you don’t look like, well, a slug, in the morning. After cleansing, we recommend using a toner to ensure that all excess Aquaphor or Vaseline is removed from your skin. No one wants to have greasy skin during the day! 

These cleansers and toners are super effective for eliminating any excess grease.

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Slugging is only effective over mild yet hydrating products. While Aquaphor and Vaseline do not clog pores due to their thick consistency, if they are layered on top products containing active ingredients such as retinoids, the potency of the active ingredients could increase which could potentially lead to irritation. It’s best to use a mild yet ultra-hydrating product for maximum glow. Try these moisturizing creams and serums as the first step to your slugging routine.


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