13 Stems Eau de Parfum is Relevant: Your Skin Seen’s first-ever scent—and it’s got a rich backstory.

by Kayla Greaves
When it comes to beauty rituals, well, that’s just a part of Nyakio Grieco’s DNA. For over 20 years, the entrepreneur has successfully created multiple product lines that appeal to all, while always connecting back to her Kenyan roots. 
After launching Thirteen Lune in Dec 2020, Grieco debuted her latest skincare venture Relevant: Your Skin Seen a little over two years later. Known for its signature product, the One & Done Everyday Cream with SPF 40, the line has since expanded into a full collection of seven outstanding products—from the Sol Tone Resurface & Glow Solution, to the Melt It Off Balm Cleanser, Beam + Glow Eye Serum, and more. Now, Relevant: Your Skin Seen is ready for its next phase: fragrance. 
13 Stems, the brand’s first-ever scent, was launched this past March to much acclaim. The clean, gender-neutral eau de parfum, which was formulated without phthalates, parabens, and sulfates, was carefully crafted with earthy fragrance notes like Freesia and Woody Bamboo to not only evoke the feeling of being calm and grounded, but also bring us back to our center. As Grieco explains it, 13 Stems is where “scent meets soul.”

Here, the longtime beauty business maven reflects on her Kenyan roots, developing the perfect fragrance story, her grandmother’s influence, and more.

Get To Know – Nyakio Grieco

Why did you decide to make fragrance the next iteration of Relevant: You Skin Seen?
I like to think of beauty holistically, and it all ties into wanting to be your best—whether it’s how you feel, look, or smell. Relevant: Your Skin Seen has a full line of products that use globally-sourced ingredients to gently give skin a beautiful glow and create a purposeful self-care ritual. When it comes to fragrance, studies have shown our olfactory sense is capable of picking up a trillion smells, which can in fact ground us, invigorate us, or calm us. So 13 Stems was really created to help evoke those positive feelings, and create an unforgettable sensorial experience to bring us back to our center—a place where scent meets soul.

What inspired the name 13 Stems?
Stems are the foundation from where we grow and evolve. My stem started with my family—my grandmother in particular. She was a big part of my beauty journey. As a child, she would show me how to blend oils for different uses, including creating fragrance. She supported me throughout my professional and personal journeys, and gave me strength and wisdom when I needed it most; she helped me bloom. In my eyes, this is the root of true beauty.

I’d love to talk more about your grandmother and Kenyan roots. Tell me about the oil blend you’d create together.
From when I was a little girl, I’ve been mixing oils with my grandmother and applying them to my body. It’s almost like I was destined to create a fragrance—because it really did give me amazing scent knowledge. I knew how to blend different notes, figure out what would work together, and how to layer them to create exactly what I wanted.

How would you describe the 13 Stems’ fragrance story?
It’s a mix of earth, love, and magic. We used layers of Freesia and Green Peppercorn with a heart of Violet Leaf and Mimosa, and grounding notes of Leather and Amber. It’s crisp, bright, and cheery—everything you need to uplift your soul through scent.

Let’s talk more about the top, heart, and base notes. How do they each play into the fragrance story?
Freesia and Green Peppercorn are our top notes. They create this really beautiful earthy contrast with the former being bright and floral, while the latter is more of a crisp, herbal scent.  At the heart, we have fresh and calming Cucumber and Woody Bamboo, along with French Mimosa and Violet Leaf, which is reminiscent of a freshly-picked flower from the garden. Then we have the combination of Cashmere, Crisp Amber, and White Leather to create a warm, comforting base to round out the scent.

What do you hope each person takes away from their fragrance experience with 13 Stems?
We formulated 13 Stems to be a gender-neutral fragrance that would appeal to all. I want everyone to spritz on this eau de parfum and feel more grounded, calmer, and empowered to follow their soul’s intention.

13 Stems: Scent Meets Soul
Relevant: Your Skin Seen
13 Stems: Scent Meets Soul
Earth, love and magic. Layers of freesia and green pepper with a ...

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