Every makeup bag should have a secret weapon - something that regardless of the occasion or the amount of sleep or time, can be applied in a pinch and provide an instant perk up in both your complexion and confidence.

In our current less-is-more beauty climate, it’s clear that skin is in. And there is nothing more simple yet effective for achieving even skin tone with one simple swipe and the ideal canvas for the rest of your makeup.

Rele-Fix™ priming color corrector from Relevant is a super thin pigmented liquid that targets uneven skin tone. It creates a long-wear film on the problem area, acting as a primer and preparing the skin for any product blended on top of it. The shades are customized to target each skin tone's specific concerns. The formula contains caffeine and special acids that stimulate skin turnover and target microcirculation, helping problem areas fade over time.
Color correctors are a reliable go-to for makeup artists who need to ensure their clients skin looks its best under bright lights and to a camera’s lens.

“I keep Rele-Fix priming correctors in my professional makeup kit.” Says celebrity makeup artist Michelle Delorenzo. “Color correcting is important for every makeup application to help eliminate imperfections whether you are canceling out dark under eye circles or the redness in the skin.”

There are 6 shades of Rele-Fix Priming Color Correctors that each address specific concerns of every skin tone and provide a bespoke approach to transformation. 

Here is how to use each shade of Rele-Fix to ensure it delivers the ultra even and bright skin tone you’re looking for.

Apply a thin, transparent layer of color correction and allow it to set. Seal the deal with Rele-Wand 3-N-1 Foundation Stick for a flawless finish.

Which shade is right for you?

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