Black History is American History. Throughout this past month, we have highlighted the Black icons that inspire not just our beauty and fashion goals, but are shining examples of Black excellence.

While this platform is about celebrating Black lives and Black beauty every single day—it’s well worth spotlighting some of the timeless icons who have broken beauty barriers and continue to have a global and cross generational influence.

Diana Ross
With her larger than life hair, and those spidery lashes, Diana is the original diva. Did you know, while she was in high school she enrolled in cosmetology school? So those iconic beauty looks were created by Diana herself.
Grace Jones
Not only is Grace Jones a triple threat as a model, actress and disco queen, but she has cemented her place in history as a beauty icon thanks to her fearless approach of pushing boundaries. From her close-cropped hair to her exaggerated eyebrows, cleopatra liner and bordeaux lips, there’s truly no one like Grace.

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Sade Adu
No one’s made a simple braid ponytail, and red lips look more iconic than the singer. 
We can’t get enough of Zendaya’s chameleonic looks, whether she’s rocking teased out tresses or box braids or even a mullet—she pulls off each look effortlessly, wouldn’t you agree?

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Iman is so iconic, no last name needed. After conquering the modeling word, the Somali-born beauty sought out to dominate the cosmetics industry by launching her eponymous line Iman Cosmetics to serve Black women who could never find their correct foundation shade. The line was inspired by her own experience, and countless other Black models that have followed, who have to mix foundation shades and do their own makeup backstage at shows and on photo shoots. 
Whitney Houston
Unforgettable is the only word that comes to mind when we think of the legendary Whitney Houston. No one made ‘80s beauty as memorable as she did. Should it have a comeback?

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The many looks of everyone’s favorite bad gal. From braids to a fiery bouffant to bleach blonde beach waves, Rihanna always keeps us on our toes.
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