THE DISCOVERY EDIT By Johanna Ferreira
If you have naturally textured hair, chances are your IG feeds are filled with curly girls showing off petal soft, perfectly defined, and frizz-free curls. But let’s get real for a second: As effortless as they may appear, we all know that to get your waves, ringlets, or coils just right, you don’t just wake up like that. Achieving bouncy, hydrated and healthy tresses takes tips, techniques, and the right combination of products that don’t just happen with a curl cream or style finisher. It actually all begins with your hair care routine. 
Vernon Francois Curl Conditioner
What it Does: Provides soft, defined curls that aren’t weighed down. 
How You’ll Feel: Hair is light, bouncy, and balanced. 
Power Ingredient: A rich blend of castor oil and macadamia seed oil work to soften, nourish, and strengthen hair, while simultaneously nourishing the scalp.
Forbidden Hair Mask
Bomba Curls Forbidden Hair Mask
What it Does: Restores curl elasticity, moisture and shine. 
How You’ll Feel: Curls are hydrated, repaired, and nourished from root to ends. 
Power Ingredient: Cupuacu butter. Fun fact: it holds 200 times more moisture than shea butter, leaving curls EXTRA hydrated.
hair prewash dry frizzy curly hair
Shaz & Kiks Pre Wash Curly Hair
What it Does: Balances oil production and pH level, leaving you with a healthy and nourished scalp. 
How You’ll Feel: Relieved from itchiness and scalp sensitives -- topped with a refreshing boost of mega moisture.  
Power Ingredient: Turmeric works to relieve the scalp of bacteria and inflammation, while also providing much needed hydration.
creme brulee for kinks coils and curls 
Beija Flor Crème Brulee for Kinks, Curls & Coils
What it Does: Promotes healthy silky soft hair that’s easy to style and manage. 
How You’ll Feel: Healthy, hydrated and thrilled and how much easier it will be to achieve an on-point wash n’ go!
Power Ingredients: A blend of organic shea butter and Murumuru butter instantly transforms dry, damaged hair to ultra moisturized and revitalized. 
manketti oil hair pomade
Charlotte Mensah Manketti Pomade
What it Does: A multipurpose styling cream designed to boost definition while also hydrating dry, damaged strands without added weight. 
How You’ll Feel: Smooth and controlled. And may we add -- in control?!
Power Ingredient: The combination of shea butter and Manketti oil leaves hair impressively soft to the touch. Who knew a styling product could have this kind of affect?
Afropick Tribe
What it Does: A vibrant and salon-grade classic comb that helps achieve voluminous curls while doing it for the culture. 
How You’ll Feel:  A strong sense of pride in both your hair and heritage. 
Power Ingredient: Anti-static plastic designed with round tips that provide both grip and comfort.
Shaz & Kiks Neem Wood Comb
What it Does: Created with proven antimicrobial properties, this handmade wood comb, keeps your scalp clean, hydrated, and free of dry flakes. Who knew a comb could do all that? 
How You’ll Feel: Combing with this tool increases blood flow to your scalp, which results in fast-growing and moisturized strands. Need we say more?
Power Ingredient: Neem wood is eco-friendly, durable, and drought-resistant. In other words, it’s just as good for the planet as it is for your hair!
Vernon Francois Microfibre Towel
What it Does: Dries hair quicker and more gently than a traditional cotton towel while encouraging bounce and definition.  
How You’ll Feel: Delicate waves, curls, or coils are static and frizz-free and able to retain definition and moisture while air-drying.
Power Ingredient: Made from ultra-absorbent fibers that are narrower than cotton and WAY easier on your hair.
Charlotte Mensah Manketti Finishing Mist
What it Does: Designed specifically for curly, kinky, and coily textures, this oil finishing mist adds both moisture and shine — sealing in your style. 
How You’ll Feel: Curls feel instantly hydrated and weightless.
Power Ingredient: A beautiful blend of Manketti and Ximenia oil delivers super soft and glossy-looking hair without feeling greasy.
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