13 Black and Brown-owned Beauty Swaps

Let’s face it, there has been plenty of time to take stock of the contents sitting on our vanities and in our cosmetic bags and medicine cabinets over the past several months. Half empty containers of your favorite foundation or barely used bottles of the serums you felt compelled to try after the fixed gaze on your face via a Zoom screen multiple times a day, have been increasingly dotting your shelves. But whether or not you have audited the skincare, hair products and makeup you own, now may be the time to do so, but this time with a conscious shift to cosmetics and skincare created by Black and Brown-owned brands, made for everyone.

“I’ve spent so much money on products made and owned by white people made for everyone, I wanted to create a space for Black founders to do the same,” says Nyakio Grieco, co-founder of thirteen lune and nyakio Beauty. 

As we enter into 2021 full of more hope, reflection and intention than perhaps any year we’ve known before, dedicate time to the discovery of Black and Brown-owned beauty brands that are clean, efficacious, made with high performing ingredients and meant for a range of skin and hair types.

Broaden the scope of where your beauty comes from and start making these 13 Black and Brown-owned beauty swaps now.

Cleanser, Exfoliator, Serum

Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Face Wash

Celebrity esthetician, Joanna Vargas (Naomi Watts, Sofia Coppola and Julianne Moore are longtime clients) has been a pillar in the skincare industry for near two decades. After launching her skincare line in 2011, the products have gained a strong following with this Vitamin C face wash leading the pack of the most buzzed about cleansers on the market today. Deep cleaning but not drying, the vitamin C packed gel takes it all off while leaving a subtle glow. Use this daily as the start of your morning and nighttime routines.

Marie Hunter Blooming Facial Scrub

KéNisha Ruff founded Marie Hunter beauty to serve a range of skin types with French-inspired products. Her Blooming Facial Scrub is a brightening face and body formula that leaves skin smooth and moisturized. This is a gentle scrub  made from a blend of nourishing vitamins and fruit extracts. The sweet aroma of vanilla, coconut and anise soothe the skin during exfoliation, making this the perfect year-round product for a smooth and even complexion.

Hyper Skin Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum

After years of struggling with hormonal acne and stubborn hyperpigmentation, Hyper Skin founder Desiree Verdejo had tried just about every skincare product she could get her hands on to address her pressing skin concerns. After coming up short for something gentle yet effective, she created this magic in a bottle. This hardworking serum is designed to brighten the complexion and combat hyperpigmentation. A blend of 5-percent vitamin C, ionic, vitamin E, and fruit enzymes work to fade dark spots caused by breakouts, leaving skin clear, bright, and luminous. 

Mist, Mask, Tool, Lip
Skot Beauty Nevaeh Mist

Sitting on endless Zooms or going between a heated home and the chilly outdoors can wreak havoc on our skin. A refreshing botanical spray rejuvenates the complexion (and our mood) with a few quick spritzes. Thankfully Skot Beaute’s fragrance free Nevaeh Mist does just this. A blend of witch hazel, honeysuckle and other organic ingredients work to revive and tone skin. Keep one of these at your desk (ahem, dining room table), handbag and fridge for extra refreshing results.

Marie Hunter Charcoal Rescue Mask

Amazing at removing excess oil, this mask will leave your skin smooth and radiant with each use. Experience tighter pores and detoxified skin via a blend of modern science and nature’s most potent ingredients.

Dehiya Beauty Mihakka Cleansing Tool

Mihakkat are handcrafted from terra-cotta and covered with organic cotton, dyed with natural pigments extracted from flowers and clay indigenous to the Atlas Mountains. It is a perfect addition to your skincare ritual for extra exfoliation and can be used on the face, body, and feet. Plus, the vibrant color of this handmade tool looks really chic on a bathroom shelf or in the shower.

The Established Lip Salve

There are few things better than a super moisturizing lip balm housed in a very chic tin. The Established, a line created by entrepreneur Essence Iman is plant powered, ethically sourced, 100% vegan and cruelty-free -- formulated without formaldehyde releasing agents, phthalates, silicones, parabens, sulfates + synthetic dyes, nut-based-oils and ingredients.  Clean beauty is always a good way to go, but especially when it comes to lip products which are inevitably ingested as we wear them day through night.

Moisturizer, Body Cream, Body Oil
Buttah Skin Cocoa Shea Moisturizer

For parched skin this winter (or a dose of moisture any time of year) this signature blend of African rich-butters, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin E promotes radiant skin while soothing and improving tone and texture. Use day or night as an important step in your skincare routine.

Liha Shea Butter

This versatile moisturizer is easily the foundation of any hydrated skin regimen. Made from the nut of the karite tree native to West Africa, this rich formula is perfect for all skin types and can be used on dry areas as well as on stretch marks and scars.

The Established Elixa Body Serum

Get ready to glisten in a way you never thought possible with all of the radiance a body oil could possibly give. This award-winning bath and body serum is highly absorbent and leaves behind luscious moisture and a long-lasting satin-smooth texture without the residual greasy feeling. Perfect as a daily moisturizer or an indulgent addition to your bath.

Shampoo, Conditioner, Comb
Beija Flor Argan Oil Shampoo

All Beija Flor products are formulated with rich botanical ingredients from Brazil that promote healthy skin and hair. This gel-like shampoo is no exception and made to effectively deep clean the hair and scalp. Crafted from natural argan oil, black olive paste, honey, essential oils and Brazil nut oil, it has a high lather that’s incredibly moisturizing and perfect for all hair types.

Bomba Curls Forbidden Mask

This award-winning hair mask is an advanced, deep conditioning treatment that helps restore curl elasticity, moisture and shine. Especially during winter months, when the weather can affect even the healthiest hair, this mask provides much needed moisture to all hair types. 

Afropick Comb

Perfect for curly or wavy hair, AfroPick is more than just a comb, it is a symbol of Black culture, history and solidarity. Salon grade and made from anti-static plastic, the smooth rounded tips are gentle on strands and leave hair full and soft. Add this to your travel bag and to the top of your vanity as an essential beauty tool that effectively keeps hair silky and defined.

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