Before you’ve even processed May—it’s already June. And besides bringing warmer temperatures for many, June usually means one thing in the United States: LGBTQ+ Pride Month, the time frame dedicated to celebrating the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan, New York which, among other things, was a turning point in queer liberation across the country. 

That said, while many parts of the world are now more accepting spaces for people of all sexual orientations and identities, there’s still more work to be done. With all of the legislative affronts to LGBTQ+ rights people are experiencing as of late, it’s important now more than ever to donate and get involved in the organizations that are committed to making a difference and preserving all the progress made. (While also continuing to fight for even more change, of course.)

If you want to show your support but aren’t sure where to start, don’t stress. In the spirit of kicking off the month, Thirteen Lune asked its LGBTQ+ beauty brand founders for some suggestions on which organizations need donations, places to learn more about Pride, groups for organizing, and more. 

The following are their ideas and preferred donation points—but remember: your support shouldn’t be limited to Pride Month alone. Consider making a recurring donation or regular volunteer efforts at these organizations so that you can support LGBTQ+ rights year-round. 

Dillon Peña, founder of Leland Francis and Ruby Gertrude Apothecary


“The Ali Forney Center in New York and  LA LGBT Center in LA both help with housing, education, and medical needs for LGBTQ+ youth and adults. I also like SAGE, a national charity that helps with housing for LGBTQ+ Elders and Seniors. Its important we take care of and honor our queer elders as they have laid the ground work for many of the freedoms queer people to get to experience.”

Junior Mintt, founder of Mintty Makeup


“I would definitely say G.L.I.T.S., which stands for Gay and Lesbians Living In A Transgender Society. The group focuses on alleviating the health concerns and rights crises experienced by marginalized peoples, specifically transgender sex workers and those who are both transgender and BIPOC, among many other things. I also love For The Gworls, which is a Black, trans-led collective that curates parties to raise money for transgender people who need assistance paying for rent, gender-affirming surgeries, medicines, doctors visits, travel assistance, and more. 

David Yi, founder of good light cosmetics


True Colors United is an organization that good light cosmetics supports year-round. It's one that's near and dear to our hearts, as a percentage of profits from our brand goes there every year. I love that the organization helps fight youth homelessness, which disproportionately affects LGBTQIA+ youth. There are so many trans and non-binary youth who are fighting to be seen and sometimes told they don't belong in their birth family's homes. This organization helps with policy from a governmental level down to helping on the ground. 

“Suicide is prevalent among young people–exacerbated by the pandemic and also social media. But when you are LGBTQIA+, you go through a different set of challenges. I love the Trevor Project's mission of helping alleviate suicidal ideation and being there for young people who may feel as if they're misunderstood or alone. 

“There's a statistic from the Trevor Project that shows that AAPI LGBTQIA+ youth are disproportionately affected by suicidal ideation–over 40 percent have considered suicide last year. And the fact that these statistics have just come out in 2022 signifies that AAPI people are still invisible, and this community really needs attention and support. Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiians experienced the highest rate of suicide at 49 percent followed by Korean American youths at 47 percent. The National Queer Asians and Pacific Islanders is an AAPI specific queer organization and I truly do know they are doing the work with allowing folx to come into their own proudly, safely.”

Manny MUA, founder of Lunar Beauty


Los Angeles LGBT Center - “What I love about the center is how expansive their help and reach is! From social services to housing to health and education, the list goes on on what they do to help and support the LGBTQ community. I have worked with them for several years now and I even did a makeup class with some of the youth at the center where I brought makeup for them to use and play with and taught them how to create a work appropriate makeup look! They are an amazing organization that I cannot recommend enough." 

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