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You’ve heard the saying “when you look good, you feel good” and it’s proven that when you feel good, you glow. The beauty brand Sundree believes that happiness comes from within and has built their brand on the foundation of optimism and joy. Sundree prides itself on making gentle and mighty products that nourish and enhance your glow.  

Sahar Sanjar Dejban and Sahar Vazin Nezhad is the best friend duo behind Sundree who came together and bonded over a love of all things skincare. Both Sahars swapped home remedies for skincare after looking to simplify their skin care routines. Dejban suffered from cystic acne for years that not only affected her skin but also her confidence. She sought help from estheticians and dermatologists and from those experiences, her education for skin care grew. Dejban understood that our skin concerns can be an indication of what is happening internally and she merged her love of skin care with her passion for mental health. Happy Skin within is not just a tagline, it’s a personal mantra.  

Nezhad, grew her obsession from skincare at a very early age. She watched the care that her mother took with her skin and the gentle way with which she applied her skincare products. She saw the importance of having a skincare routine and made sure to establish her own committed routine. During her pregnancy, Nezhad was concerned about toxic chemicals in her skincare products. She was on the hunt for clean, sustainable products and a much simpler routine. This led her to create her own brand, with products that had easy to pronounce ingredients. She joined forces with Dejban  and Sundree was born.  

Sundree’s Cooling Globe is a consistent best-seller on thirteen lune and across the board. Loved by Sarah Jessica Parker and Debby Ryan, the pretty purple globe instantly soothes and cools the under eye for instant depuffing.

Check out what the founders of Sundree had to say about their brand and the inspiration behind creating healthy sustainable skincare products.

Best Seller

GET TO KNOW – Sahar Sanjar and Sahar Vazin Nezhad

What was the impetus to start your brand?

Sahar Sanjar: We were really passionate about the serum we concocted in my bathroom and how beautifully effective it was on my combination/cystic acne prone skin and Sahar’s (Nezhad) dry skin. When we gathered feedback from our friends and family, all signs were pointing to  “you’re onto something.” It began to fill the void in my personal skincare routine instantly and I knew there were others who could benefit from it too. So we went full steam ahead-working on Sundree for over 2.5 years before it launched. 

Simultaneously, we developed a passion for hemp cannabinoids as a topical ingredient that is under-utilized in skincare, yet highly scrutinized. 

Something to note about Sundree is that CBD will not be utilized in all products, we do not consider ourselves a CBD brand but we will utilize and lean into the ingredient when it enhances the formulation. 

Do you have a beauty philosophy? What is it?

Sahar Sanjar: Less is more but also – listen to your skin.  Get yourself a great aesthetician!

Sahar Vazin Nezhad: I take a minimalist approach to my beauty philosophy which is why it was important for me to minimize the steps in my skincare routine. 

What were some of your first memories of beauty growing up? What are some early beauty influences?

Sahar Sanjar: Apart from recalling my mother applying a bold red lip every single day or my grandmother telling me how important it is to hydrate my skin - I was oblivious to the benefits of her skincare routine until I was 14. It was at that age where I began breaking out and all their  advice started coming back to me. At 20, my journey really started because I developed cystic acne and truly became a student of skincare. Many of my actions were the wrong actions for my skin-type but I learned a tremendous amount. 

Sahar Vazin Nezhad: My biggest influence in my love of skincare is my mom. I remember as a little girl watching my mother’s skincare routine; one which she honored religiously. As I got older, I was always reminded to wash my face nightly and apply sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

What does self-care look like in your life?

Sahar Sanjar: “It means taking a moment to do something that leaves me feeling accomplished or connected to myself. Something that sets my mind right – gives me peace. One day it might be a 7 step skin routine or clearing out my inbox from all the emails.” 

Sahar Vazin Nezhad: Self-care comes from within. As a young child, we learn the basics of good health: sleep well, eat veggies, drink water, and move. Although life has gotten more complicated, those basics haven’t really changed much.

What inspires you most about the beauty landscape and industry today?

Sahar Sanjar:  “The social awareness and inclusive instincts of new beauty founders inspires me the most. The brands that dedicate themselves to a message, to a meaningful platform  - that inspires me. Beauty brands have the ability to change the landscape of representation in a beautiful way- and we intend to be a part of that conversation. It’s so admirable to see this shift taking place and recognizing how fearless and confident new founders are in their voice. We are no longer being conditioned to worry about alienating an audience that might not see the world the way we do- but we are empowered to do so. Empowered to showcase the world that could be…”

What has been the biggest challenge in starting your business?

Sahar Vazin:I think one of the biggest challenges in starting the business was learning to be patient and realizing that things don’t happen overnight.”

What would you like to see more of in the beauty industry when it comes to diversity and inclusivity?

Sahar Sanjar: “I want to see more of what we are seeing right now! We are seeing brands take steps to reflect society in a more inclusive manner. Brands that stand up for their values – and that really moves and motivates me. I am so passionate about Mental Health (The Mental Health Coalition), Gun Sense (Moms Demand Action), civic engagement and voting ( I am a voter, which I am proud to be a founding member of), racial justice and more.  I feel empowered to talk about these issues through Sundree. Beauty brands are in a unique position – we have the ability to shift perspectives and expand horizons just based on the imagery we share – and that is super powerful. Of course, that’s not all that needs to happen- but it’s a great example of this shift that is taking place. What is beautiful is that between thirteen lune and initiatives like the 15% pledge, we can track the impact and the change. It’s an honor to be a part of this conversation. 

Sahar Vazin:  I truly think that brands that can deliver on their values and contribute to the word in an organic way are often more successful

Cooling Facial Globe
Cooling Facial Globe
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