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Every year brings another opportunity to give the dads in your life something that will top the tool caddy or wine subscription you got him last Father’s Day. Particularly after the harrowing year we’ve all experienced, the only logical gift is something to help him relax, practice self care and of course, look his best.

So long Zoom sag and puffy under eyes, this Father’s Day give him the grooming essentials he may not have known he needed, but will no doubt never give up once he’s started his new regimen.

To break down the best in men’s self care, beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist and groomer Autumn Moultrie shares the top items she uses on an impressive line up of A-List faces. Moultrie should know; her client list reads like an Oscar winners sheet. She has been Viola Davis’ makeup artist for nearly a decade and also counts Samuel L Jackson, John Legend, Lakeith Stanfield, Naomi Osaka, Indya Moore and Regé-Jean Page as her regular clients. Her beauty kit is full of Hollywood’s most coveted beauty secrets, but surprisingly, she keeps it simple and focuses on pure, efficacious and trusted products when it comes to creating the perfect canvas of skin.

“I like to keep men’s grooming simple compared to women, but my clients definitely embrace a sheet or eye mask. Ultimately, they just want a “one, two, three.” Cleanse, moisturize and then apply an eye cream.”

Prep Squad

“Cleanse morning and night, it doesn’t take that long.” says Moultrie. “I would suggest a serum as well. Find out what kind of skin that you have and get an appropriate one for you. You may need something moisturizing, for fine lines and wrinkles or for acne. Just stay consistent. Serum is the thing most targeted to your biggest concern or issue. Men often may not realize that they need to brighten the skin. A brightening serum will help with this tremendously.”


Moisture Lock

“For men with dry skin who need something rich, he can always use a face oil,” advises Moultrie. “They’re very easy, fast and feel less frou frou than a rich cream. If they have dry skin and feel their skin is aging, they should use a little bit of face oil and just keep it away from the t-zone. The t-zone is the area that tends to get oily. If you wipe your nose or forehead and feel like you have enough oil production then don’t put it there, but I can guarantee that the under eye and cheeks are pretty dry.”

  Aba Love Apothecary

If Acne is an Issue

“Find the right serum that will keep skin balanced and won’t overdry the face.  You want an active ingredient but not something that will overdry your skin.”

 Luxcey Luxcey

The Eyes Have It

“For a guy it’s a gel or light cream,” says Moutrie about eye cream for guys. “Tap it on the orbital bone with your fourth finger and keep it out of your eye. You don’t have to put it over the eyelid especially if you’re going to sweat. Or if you have sensitive eyes. keep it just underneath towards the outer corner where your laugh lines are. Don’t forget an eye mask, all of my male clients love an eye mask.”

 Leland Francis BeautyStat


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