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The only thing more irritating than an acne breakout is the dark spot it might leave behind. Melanated skin is even more prone to discoloration, often becoming much more difficult to banish. The good news? You don’t have to live with hyperpigmentation problems — not these days anyway. There are plenty of solutions including brightening products that leave skin looking even and I-woke-up-like-this radiant.
Buttah Vitamin C Serum
Buttah Vitamin C Serum
What it Does: An antioxidant rich formula combined with the right amount of vitamins to revitalize your skin and improve the appearance of dark spots.
How You’re Feel: Instantly glowy. The formula is the perfect texture for a vitamin C rich serum. Lightweight, but plenty hydrating with plenty of radiance boosting properties.
Power Ingredients: Vitamin C plus powerful antioxidants like green tea and grapeseed to fight blemishes and hyperpigmentation.
Pholk Rose Gardenia Skin Nectar
Pholk Rose Gardenia Skin Nectar
What it Does: Reclaims the glow hidden from dry skin, sun spots and hyperpigmentation.
How You’ll Feel: Dewy, plump, moisturized and protected from free radicals.

Power Ingredients: Vitamins C, E and antioxidants plus a gorgeous blend of oils including rosehip seed, moringa and fragrant gardenia and rose.
Holifrog Sunapee Sacred-C Brightening Powder Wash
What it Does: Even skin tone and gently refines texture without the irritation.
How You’ll Feel: Like you just had the smoothest and most soothing exfoliation of your life with boastful results to prove it.

Power Ingredients: Vitamin C, vitamin E and kojic acid work to deliver an even and radiant complexion while rice bran powders help to shed away dead skin cells in a way that’s gentle enough even for the most sensitive of skin types.
Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask
What it Does: This scrub-and-mask-in-one treatment gently exfoliates and resurfaces skin to reveal a delicious and brightened glow.
How You’ll Feel: Thrilled to sport a brightened and smooth complexion with noticeably cleaner and tighter pores.

Power Ingredients: Fruit derived enzymes combined with volcanic ash and mineral clay are formulated to gently draw out impurities, detox the skin, and leave it looking vibrant.
Golde Papaya Bright Face Mask
Golde Papaya Bright Face Mask
What it Does: Brightens your skin and gently exfoliates to reveal radiant skin.
How You’ll Feel: Like you're on a tropical vacation with the rested looking skin to go along with it.

Power Ingredients: Made with 100% edible superfoods and superfruits including lucuma, papaya and sea buckthorn berry.
Joanna Vargas Rescue Serum
What it Does: Brightens skin and boosts radiance.
How You’ll Feel: How do you think? More radiant than ever!

Power Ingredients: Formulated with a concentrated vitamin C along with vitamin E, this corrective serum is packed with antioxidants that don’t just brighten but also nourish skin to health.
Marie Hunter Beauty Blooming Fruit Infused Facial Scrub
What it Does: Instantly rejuvenates skin, leaving it soft and looking bright.
How You’ll Feel: Smooth, moisturized, and refreshingly polished.

Power Ingredients: Coconut and anise work together to instantly exfoliate and soothe skin.
Dr. Nigma Talib Treatment Mask No.1 Brightening Box
What it Does: Instantly brightens, tightens, and dramatically plumps skin.
How You’ll Feel: Exactly how you want to feel -- refreshed, repaired, and brightened.

Power Ingredients: Infused with a potent combination of probiotics, marine collagen, edelweiss extract, seaweed extract, and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, these biocellulose sheets infuse power ingredients deep into the skin, evening out dark spots and hyperpigmentation while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Expect compliments on your supple and youthful looking complexion!


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