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Baby Tress

The Edge Styler

A 3-in-1 beauty tool for baby hairs, edges, and flyaways that has a comb to separate and smooth, a natural boar bristle brush for shaping, and a pointed tip for parting and finishing your style.
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Slick, swoop, and define with this edge styler. Designed for baby hairs, edges, and flyaway strands, this 3-in-1 beauty tool comes with a travel cap for fresh touch-ups on the go and features a comb to separate and smooth hair, natural boar bristles to swoop and shape, and a pointed tip that helps to part and finish.

Baby Tress creates modern hair tools that honor the legacy and evolution of textured hair care for a diverse collective of women of color.

TO USE: We like to sum up laying baby hair in 3 simple steps:

  1. Slick using the Comb Side
  2. Swoop using the Brush Side
  3. Define with the Pointed Tip

TO CLEAN: Use a mild soap and water to gently scrub away all product build-up and debris from your Edge Styler® just like you would with your makeup brushes. Rinse, then allow it to air dry before replacing the Travel Cap.

TO STORE: Re-apply the Travel Cap after every use to keep your Edge Styler®, edges, and skin clean."

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