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The life of a fashion and beauty publicist is actually (mostly) as glamorous as it sounds. Despite intricate client strategies, back to back zooms and planning brand launch events, a dedicated fashion and beauty fan/all around stellar industry star like Melanie Hunter, expertly navigates her demanding role while always having her makeup game on point.

The Los Angeles native, who now resides in the city’s bustling Koreatown neighborhood, has been a self-proclaimed massive beauty fan since childhood. It’s no wonder she’s gone on to build some of the biggest global brands in the beauty industry today.

I remember being young in private school and I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup at the time,” Hunter tells thirteen lune. “I had one greasy eyeshadow palette and blue mascara that I would hide in my backpack. Every morning before our first class, the girls would leave their parents at the carpool and head straight for the bathroom and just put on way too much aggressive makeup. Admittedly, I don’t think I transitioned from the aggressive makeup trend until recently.” 

Today, her beauty regimen is skincare focused and her go-to makeup item is a buildable concealer that she can easily stow in her purse while out and about in LA or during her frequent work trips to New York.  

Hunter’s creativity doesn’t stop with beauty - her style is just as inspiring. One look at her Instagram feed and the sartorial expression pops off the page. 

My personal style is fully dictated by my mood when I wake up, but mainly I love mixing masculine and feminine,” she says. “I love adrogynous fashion, it’s versatile and you can dress it up or down.” 

Here, Hunter delves into the diverse array of skincare and self care items that she turns to from the moment she wakes up to when she starts winding down.

Before My Feet Hit The Floor

I typically wake up around 6AM naturally during the week. On weekends it’s hard to sleep later than 9AM. I check the news headlines, glance at my email inbox, and check my favorite inspirational/self-improvement social media accounts - all from bed. Once I’m out of bed, I either go for a walk, the gym or pull out my aerobics step and get some cardio in! 


My Morning Routine

On a good day, my night time routine is pretty rigorous so I keep my morning routine simple. I love a good double cleanse moment! To start, I use something oil or cream based like Ranavat Ceremony Cream Cleanser. It’s satisfying seeing what comes out of the pores! Then I’ll use a Dr. Barbara Sturm Foam Cleanser. I read that Issa Rae uses it, and her skin always looks amazing so I thought I’d try. I saw a difference in my skin, almost immediately, it appeared more luminous. Because of the price point, I try not to use both every single day. To add hydration back to my skin after all the cleansing, I use a hyaluronic acid serum like Joanna Vargas Daily Serum. I’m a sucker for Vitamin C Serums, so I switch between Hyper Clear and the Buttah Vitamin C Serum. Then I begin sealing everything in with Karité Hydrating Body Cream and Black Girl Sunscreen. 

Best Seller

But First?

I try to get a protein shake and an egg for breakfast most days. If I don’t, then it’s tea because I’m trying to cut back on coffee! 

I’m fully logged on by 9:00AM and get going on meetings, zooms, and calls with clients. To create a calm environment throughout the day I’ve typically used candles, but I’ve recently discovered room sprays! My new favorite brand is Target’s Casaluna collection, which also includes candles. Their Serenity scents and Clarity scents smell like a hotel spa. Other favorites include Liha’s Queen Idia candle and the Lowkey candle from Sensual Candle Co.

Usually after the work day I go meditate.  And of course, then start my evening beauty ritual. 

The Nighttime Routine

I start with a thicker cleansing balm to get off any makeup. Right now it’s Joanna Vargas Vitamin C wash. Then I double cleanse with Holifrog Kissimmee Vitamin F Therapy Balm Wash followed by their Superior Omega Nutritive Gel Wash. My friend told me about the Biologique Rechere P50 Lotion, which is a serum, and I haven’t looked back, it’s worth every penny. To treat my skin problems, I use the Plenaire Violet Paste. Finally to moisturize and seal in the products I use Pholk Werkacita Beauty Balm.

I wind down for bed around 9:00 PM with my guilty pleasure TV: Bravo reality. Typically my eyes close no later than 11:00 PM. 

I put my phone on Do Not Disturb for the night, turn it over and plug it in as far away from my bed as possible.


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