Mind Body Ritual Set

Our favorite YINA face and body ritual— now in mini sizes.

Our favorite YINA face and body ritual— now in mini sizes. This 4-piece discovery set is perfect for gifting or yourself!

Set includes:

  • BIOADAPTIVE Cleanser 12mL
  • ESSENTIAL Mist 12mL
  • Botanical Serum 3mL
  • RECOVERY Body Treatment 9mL

YINA is a luxury green beauty and wellness brand rooted in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Founded by Dr. Ervina Wu, TCM doctor and dermatologist, and Angela Chau Gray, licensed acupuncturist and ethnobotanist, YINA means “harmony and beauty”.

  • Apply a couple pumps of the BIOADAPTIVE Cleanser to face and neck and massage gently, add water to emulsify. Remove with damp washcloth, rinse thoroughly.

  • Mist skin with the Essential Mist to hydrate and soften skin.

  • Apply a few drops of botanical serum, on damp skin on face and neck.

  • Apply Body Recovery Body Treatment anywhere on your body that needs attention and care.

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