Wander Beauty

Wander Cushion

A latex-free, cloud-like reusable applicator for minimal product waste and flawless makeup looks.

The unique shape allows for covering large areas on the face and body with the flat side as well as smaller precise areas with the pointed top edge. Can be used damp or dry with liquids, creams, or powders.

Multitasking beauty essentials that cut down on clutter and amplify your minimalist makeup routine.

You can use Wander Cushion wet or dry. When using wet, saturate Wander Cushion with water. Squeeze out the excess water. Apply makeup to skin and use Wander Cushion to blend for a flawless look. For best results cleanse with soap and water after each use. You may notice some color run off the first few times you wash your Wander Cushion. This is normal and will disappear after several uses. The water-soluble dye used for this product does not harm the environment and will not transfer onto the face or clothing.

Non-Latex Foam

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