Scotch Porter

Miami Duppy Fragrance

A warm fragrance with notes of amber, tonka bean, and saffron to wear at night.

Turn up your nights with Miami Duppy, a cruelty-free fragrance with an intoxicating blend that captures the essence of Miami nightlight. Savor the spicy notes of saffron soaked in rum and vanilla bourbon, tonka bean, and smooth and smoky hints of cigar and incense.

Scotch Porter creates clean, non-toxic grooming solutions for men to enhance their everyday self-care.

Spritz both wrists 1-2 times. Placing your fragrance at your pulse points is a perfect spot as it's one of the warmest areas on your body, allowing the fragrance's multiple notes to come to life.

PRO TIPS Always apply fragrance right after you shower. Its perfect timing as it's when your pores open allowing the fragrance to penetrate your skin and helping the scent profile to last longer.

Miami Duppy Top Notes: Saffron, Tonka Bean and Licorice Miami Duppy Middle Notes: Pepper, Passionfruit and Jungle Lily Miami Duppy Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate

Alcohol Denat., Fragrance (Parfum), Water (Aqua)

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