Scotch Porter

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A set of four mini fragrances to choose from that include Glenwood, The Porter House, Miami Duppy, and Badlands.
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Featuring four 4ml bottles from the daring scent collection, this cruelty-free suite of scents works to embrace the comforts of a life well-lived as well as transport you to unexpected places and moments. The fragrances in this scent include Glenwood, The Porter House, Miami Duppy, and Badlands.

Scotch Porter creates clean, non-toxic grooming solutions for men to enhance their everyday self-care.

Spritz both wrists 1-2 times. Placing your fragrance at your pulse points is a perfect spot as it's one of the warmest areas on your body, allowing the fragrance's multiple notes to come to life.

PRO TIPS Always apply fragrance right after you shower. Its perfect timing as it's when your pores open allowing the fragrance to penetrate your skin and helping the scent profile to last longer.

Glenwood Top Notes: Cardamom, Pink Pepper and Coconut Milk Glenwood Middle Notes: Smoky Cedar, Deep Greens, Amyris and Violet Leaf Glenwood Base Notes: Sandalwood, Leather, Patchouli, Amber, Frankincense and White Musk

The Porter House Top Notes: Warm Spices and Coconut Milk The Porter House Middle Notes: Fresh Greens, Violet Leaf and White Florals The Porter House Base Notes: Cashmere Musk, Amber, Sandalwood and Vanilla Orchid

Miami Duppy Top Notes: Saffron, Tonka Bean and Licorice Miami Duppy Middle Notes: Pepper, Passionfruit and Jungle Lily Miami Duppy Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate

Badlands Top Notes: Grapefruit, Bergamot and Gurjum Balsam Badlands Middle Notes: Verbena, Lotus and Incense Badlands Base Notes: Haitian Vetiver, Oakmoss and Musk

Alcohol Denat., Fragrance (Parfum), Water (Aqua)

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