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Werkacita Beauty Balm: Moroccan Rose

A lightweight balm to hydrate the face, body and lips.

The Werkacita Beauty Balm is a vegan multi-tasking moisturizer for anywhere you're ashy. Use it from head to heel for long lasting comfort without clogging pores. Made with all edible ingredients so you can also safely use on lips. Rich in Vitamin E, A and antioxidants this mango and hemp seed oil blend is triple whipped for a velvety texture that absorbs easily into skin. Boosts healing processes from minor irritations, rashes, pollutants and sun.

Natural, vegan, affordable skincare created by Women of Color for Women of Color. Inspired by folk beauty rituals across the African Diaspora.

Massage the balm all over your body or sparingly in dry places.

All skin types.

Mango butter, pure jojoba butter, hemp seed oil, glycerin, essential oils

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"Yep, this beauty balm is totally multi-use. Whether you're feeling cracked and dry on your lips or the tips of your elbows, its blend of vitamin E, A, and hempseed oil will leave your skin smooth AF without feeling greasy."

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