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Allover Roller

A textured Xiuyan Jade roller for gentle skin massage.

This textured Xiuyan Jade roller and handle provide a deep and gentle self-massage for the entire body. This tool is designed to break up fascia in the top layers of the skin and reduce tension and puffiness. The jade roller also encourages a deeper penetration of Esker’s body oils, and with continued use, it reveals a renewed skin that is firm, soft, and glowing.

Esker is a beauty and skincare brand that creates products using clean, powerful, and effective essential oils that are safe and nourishing for the skin.

Begin by applying your favorite Esker Body Oil onto the skin, starting with the feet and moving towards the heart, working your way up through the limbs and torso, the arms and the neck.

Follow this same journey with the Allover Roller using gentle but firm pressure. Spend a little extra time rolling small, tender areas like the ankles, wrists, the space between the neck and the shoulder, the hip crease and anywhere else you feel tension in the body.

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