Dr. Elsa Jungman

No Soap Gentle Cleanser

A gentle cleanser that removes makeup without disrupting your skin's natural barrier.

Gently clean your skin without upsetting the natural balance. This microbiome-friendly daily cleanser won’t leave your skin feeling tight or stripping away your skin's natural good bacteria. The No Soap Gentle Cleanser uses a unique refined and organic jojoba oil blend to remove makeup and dirt, bringing your skin's release of oil into a natural equilibrium. Made with no soap agents or emulsifiers and only three clean, plant-based ingredients. Also free from fragrances, essential oils and preservatives. For best results, use a warm washcloth. This cleanser does not foam. This is on purpose to reduce the harsh effects normal foaming cleansers can have on your skin's natural protective barrier.

A line created with formulas designed with the skin's microbiome in mind and created by Dr. Elsa Jungman herself, who has a PhD in skin pharmacology.

Apply two to three pumps of cleanser onto clean palms. Massage directly onto your dry face to melt away make-up and dirt. Rinse with warm wash cloth and gently pat dry.

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil (Refined & Organic), Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil (Organic) , Tocopherol (Vitamin E, Plant-derived antioxidant)

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