Le Joyau d'Olive

Women's Collection Luxury Soap

This Women’s Luxury Soap Collection includes the scents Lavender Whisper, Rose Blush, and Gardenia Secrets. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients like virgin olive oil and essential oils, they are free from all artificial additives.
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Every Le Joyau d'Olive soap bar is 100% handcrafted from only pure, natural ingredients. In a traditional saponification process, they are twice milled by hand and cured for over five months in stone-vaulted cellars over 300 years old, ensuring that the soap retains maximum dermatological benefits, including omega oils, antioxidants, and vitamins.

  • 100% NATURAL: made of 4 natural ingredients only - virgin olive oil, water, caustic soda, and 1 essential oil.
  • 100% HANDCRAFTED: following the ancient process of soap making, with no use of machines or chemicals.
  • MATURED FOR 5 MONTHS in our stone vaulted cellars where temperature and humidity are constant the whole year round.
  • TWICE MILLED BY HAND: the manual milling process guarantees a soft, creamy lather, firmer texture and consistent colour.
  • COLD SAPONIFIED: 1-month process ensures the soap retains the maximum dermatological benefits, including omega oils, antioxidants and vitamins.

Collection incudes:

  • Lavender Whisper
  • Rose Blush
  • Gardenia Secrets

Le Joyau d’Olive is produced in a workshop powered by solar energy. Most of what is done is manually performed reducing the need for energy. The soaps are cold saponified out of the finest virgin oils, a process that takes 6 months to complete. The plant doesn’t make use of fossil fuels nor chemicals, and its processes generate no waste at all. Le Joyau d’Olive also buys local and favour small farmers for its supply of virgin olive oil. Local distribution is performed using Electric Vehicles.

Lather soap on a natural luffa and use for a full body wash.

We recommend our clients to not use plastic sponges as these collect bacteria and are difficult to recycle.

Use as many times as needed for a full body wash including face.

Avoid female intimate areas as you would with any other soap.

To extend its useful life, please store soap in a cool dry place on a well-drained soap dish and let it dry in between washes.

Key Ingredients :

  • Virgin olive and essential oils.

  • No synthetics, no chemicals, no additives whatsoever.

4 natural ingredients per soap in total. Olea Europaea (virgin olive oil), Aqua (water), Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda), and one of EITHER Lavandula Angustifolia (lavender flower extract), OR Rosa Damascena (rose water), OR Gardenia Tahitensis (gardenia flower extract).

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