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Quick Dry Hair Wrap Microfiber x Satin

A quick-dry hair wrap lined with microfiber that protects hair after washing to reduce frizz and friction.
Color Sienna Sun
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Say goodbye to heavy towels with this quick dry microfiber hair wrap. This lightweight design is made to be used right after washing your hair and before combing to remove excess water quickly, eliminate the need to rub hair to dry, reduce frizz and friction, and keep extensions protected.

Muaves is a line of consciously crafted haircare products that merge fashion with functionality.

Wear your MUAVES Quick Dry Microfiber Hair Wrap right after you wash your hair and before combing your hair to get your hair to a damp state. Finish with a blow dryer for styling or air dry

90% polyester, 10% spandex (exterior) x 100% micofiber (lining)

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